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The Supreme Court affirms the decision of the Court of Appeals for pre-trial detention of Julian Assange

[2015-05-12] Högsta domstolen

The Supreme Court has affirmed the decision of the Court of Appeals that the order for pre-trial detention of Julian Assange in his absence shall still stand

According to the Supreme Court there is a strong interest in a continued criminal investigation. The court has taken into consideration that Julian Assange has been subject to detention and  restrictions in Great Britain in connection with the European arrest warrant. However, the fact that he has taken residence in an embassy after the British court proceedings has not been taken into account. Since a long time has passed since the original order for detention the investigatory authorities must explore alternative possibilities to move the investigation forward. The Supreme Court notes that attempts have been initiated to conduct an interrogation of Julian Assange in London. The Supreme Court concludes that at present there is no reason to reverse the order for pre-trial detention. 

One of the judges is dissenting and finds that the order on pre-trial detention should be reversed.

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